The benefits of traditional education

By / in Learning / Posted April 11, 2018

Traditional education has been around for, well, seems like forever. The way people get an education is generally the same now as it was 200 years ago. Many of the benefits of traditional education can’t be denied. However, with the arrival of the digital age comes new ways of learning. Online learning is more prevalent now than ever before. Millions of people turn to the internet to gain knowledge, skills, and an education.

Here at LearnX, we are strong proponents of online learning. Nevertheless, we understand that traditional education can’t be completely replaced by online learning. To be fair, we still want you to know the upsides too.

Top benefits of traditional education

Active learning

Learning in a class promotes active learning.

Active learning and participation are huge benefits of traditional education.

During class, students can participate in real time with teachers and classmates. This creates additional learning opportunities beyond the course content. Students can ask questions and get clarification on things they are uncertain of. This increases everyone’s understanding; active learning and participation are beneficial for all involved.

Interaction and communication

Students learn how to communicate and interact with teachers and classmates at school. This improves their ability to maintain interpersonal relationships as well as communication skills. Many small lessons are learned by communicating with peers and adults.

Scheduled learning

Schools are well organized and structured in traditional education. The routine that comes with traditional schooling brings punctuality, discipline, and organization to children and young adults. This gives students a sense of responsibility to arrive to class prepared and on time. These habits will be with them into adulthood.

Social benefits

School is where children learn how to socialize and make friends.

School is where children learn how to socialize and make friends.

Going to school is a fundamental building block in a person’s life. School is where children learn how to socialize and make friends. School is where we meet some of our best friends and make memories of a lifetime. Unfortunately, it is also where negative social experiences take place. These experiences also prove to be valuable learning experiences. 

Extra-curricular activities

Throughout our school years, we gain a great deal by participating in class field trips, school activities, sports, clubs, and more. These life experiences can’t be gained anywhere else. Team school sports, for example, can teach life lessons that aren’t given in the classroom or anywhere else.


We still believe that traditional education is highly flawed and there are better ways to educate and prepare people to live in today’s world. There is not nearly enough emphasis put on developing 21st-century skills, project-based learning, and developing effective relationships. The LearnX mission is to create a timeless, universal learning ecosystem. This mission works towards improving how and why people are educated. 

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