The benefits of online learning

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The advancement of technology and many benefits of online learning have shifted how people learn and educate themselves. People everywhere are embracing new ways of learning by complementing traditional education with online learning. Increasingly, people are even foregoing traditional education altogether. Codecademy announced that more than 24 million users have taken its free online courses. Online classes are becoming more widely accepted – there are more than 3 million online-only students in the U.S. By 2019, 50% of all college students will be engaged in some form of eLearning.

This growing trend is due to the numerous benefits of online learning and the fact that they correspond with the needs of today’s Learners.

Convenient learning

Learn the subjects that will help you advance your academic or professional career.

A major benefit of online learning is the freedom and flexibility.

A major benefit of online learning is the freedom and flexibility online schools/courses offer. Learning online allows you to save the time and expenses that come with traveling to a class or living on campus. All the learning materials such as videos, worksheets, tests, and more are available to you on online platforms. You can learn at the time and place that is best for you.

Control your learning

You can choose the program you want to join without the complicated processes and wait times in traditional course selection. You can also learn the subjects that will help you advance your academic or professional career; often times without taking the unnecessary required courses that universities require.


Universities can cost tens of thousands of dollars. This forces students to take out loans and financially stretch themselves and/or their families just to get an education. With online courses, you can get lectures and degrees from top universities for free or a fraction of the cost. Often times, online courses cost only tens or hundreds of dollars.

College credits

Learn online for a fraction of the cost.

Take an online course to increase your knowledge and skills.

The colleges and universities that accept online class credits are increasing. Taking online courses in place of traditional courses can save you time and money. That surely matters in the long run, so make finishing your degree as practical as possible. Sites such as Transferology and Online Courses can be very useful. They can help you determine which online courses you can take and what credits are accepted at which university.

Career advancement

Learners care about their careers, that is why 72% of online students reported job and employment as a reason for enrolling. You can take an online course to increase your knowledge and skills for a promotion or raise, instead of spending thousands and years by going back to school.


Online courses and online degrees are far more convenient and cost-effective than their traditional education counterparts. These are the two main reasons why learners opt for online platforms in along with (or in place of) traditional degrees. This is an ongoing trend with no signs of turning back. Online learning is a viable alternative to traditional education and a great option for the modern Learner

Taking courses with other Learners is a great way to improve your online learning experience.

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