6 Reasons to find a Learner (study buddy)

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One of the most effective ways to learn is with a study buddy. In the LearnX community, people that learn are known as ‘Learners’. These are the people that constantly learn, gain new skills, and improve themselves. It’s safe to say that people with a learning mentality have a much higher chance of succeeding in school (and later in life) than those who stop learning. According to the University of Wollongong Australia’s study on peer learning, students can greatly improve their performance in class and grades by learning with a study buddy.

We want everyone in our community to fully adopt a life-long learning attitude and we will do everything we can to grow our learning ecosystem to help. Connecting with other Learners can help you in many ways. Studying with someone can make learning easier and help you get good grades. In this article, we will share the power that a study buddy can bring and the reasons you should get one.

Two brains are better than one

Two heads are better than one. Work with another Learner to make studying better.

Sharing knowledge is a key benefit of studying with another Learner. You will have the chance to consolidate your knowledge by explaining the subject material to them. In turn, listening to their analysis of the information can bring additional learning opportunities to you as well as help you retain the material.

  • Teach each other new information
  • Study buddies can quiz each other
  • Make studying less stressful by connecting with Learners to take on challenges together

Teach each other

Another Learner may be able to teach you concepts that you don’t understand as well as show you different learning resources and research methods. It is well known that teaching someone else is a great way to learn. You have to clearly explain the material and be able to answer the questions asked. Sharing your strengths and complementing each other’s weaknesses will improve the overall learning for both sides.

  • Share study techniques to make learning more effective and productive
  • Teach from different perspectives and correct any misconceptions
  • Utilize each other’s strengths and improve on weaknesses

Help with assignments

Having a study buddy is a great way to complete assignments and prepare for exams. You can review each other’s work and provide each other with valuable feedback. You can also prepare for assignments and complete homework by combining your knowledge, brainstorming ideas, and quizzing each other to ensure understanding and retention.

  • Proofread and pre-grade essays before turning them in
  • Present each other with practice questions and essays
  • Help the other catch up if they fall behind

Access new resources

Share resources with other Learners to get more access to learning materials.

Sharing is caring – learn together to have more resources to learn from.


Since you are in the same class or studying the same subject, you and another Learner can share the resources you come across such as useful websites, videos, books, articles, or anything that helps you learn. This translates to a much more extensive access to resources.

You and your study buddy can also split the costs that come with preparing for standardized tests or buying online courses. Sharing test prep books and letting the other access the online course you bought increases the learning opportunities for the other Learner and decreases the costs.

  • Share test preparation books
  • Buy online courses and split the costs
  • Send each other useful websites and videos

Joint time management

Learners can work on a joint study schedule and share a course calendar to help each other stay on track. Keep each other informed of deadlines and assignment due dates. You are much more likely to keep to a schedule with a study buddy.

  • Schedule study sessions and commit to learning together
  • Decrease procrastination by applying friendly pressure
  • Keep each other up to date on assignments

Accountability and motivation (super important)

Staying motivated is one of the biggest challenges when studying alone. When motivation decreases, procrastination increases. Having a study buddy creates a sense of accountability between the partners.

Get motivation from others. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

You can rely on each other to make sure you each stay focused on the work in front of you or help support each other when things get tough. Studying with another Learner is also a chance to bring out your competitive side. Friendly competition is always motivating and helps improve each person involved.

  • Compete and push each other to be better
  • Create mutual goals and help the other achieve them
  • Share progress and celebrate it by making a reward system

Choosing the right study buddy is very important and each Learner should fulfill their responsibilities to fully benefit from the experience. Each Learner should have similar goals, work ethic, and commit to helping the other learn.  

The LearnX community has thousands of Learners helping each other progress in their academic subjects, language studies, computer skills, and more.

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